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Game recognize game!

“A manipulative man can spot a vulnerable woman a mile away. “ Gwendolyn Owens

(Real Talk) Ladies, do you really know your worth? Do you recognize the red flags? If you are not getting what you need and want, then it’s time to say BYE BYE!!! Don’t try to force a relationship to work! If he is a liar, only sees you at night (at your place), you can only call at certain times, he hasn’t introduced you to his close friends and family and he’s asking for money then the answer is in your face.

Women hold on to dead-end relationships for many reasons: low self-esteem, the fear of being alone, financial stability, guilt, embarrassment and familiarity. The reality is that you are already alone. You must ask yourself if you want to feel broken and used for the rest of your life. Until you let go of Mr. “Feel Good”, your soul mate will never be revealed. Give yourself permission to let go and live a better life. You are “worth more than jewels” so stop settling! Learn to cut your losses. Get your act together and kick that loser to the curb!

Solution: challenge yourself to re-evaluate your life and the choices you have made. If you need counseling or therapy to learn how to love and embrace yourself, take the steps today.

“You cannot have a healthy relationship if you do not love and value yourself first.” Relationships Start With You Motto

Written by Gwendolyn Owens Founder of Relationships Start With You and Women’s Advocate/Relationship Expert/Speaker/Blogger


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