The Golden Rule

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Treat others as you’d like to be treated. It seems simple enough, but we seem to forget this when we get into relationships.  Absurd and completely out of line behavior has been confessed on the CodeRedFlag page and it seems like the people guilty simply laugh it off without thinking of how they’d react if put in the same position.  When often challenged, they counter “Oh my significant other wouldn’t DREAM of pulling that on me”

Um… then why are you doing it to them?  How is that fair?   

It’s true that life’s not fair, but that doesn’t mean you need to make it difficult for the love of your life (or even the flavor of the week).   Internalizing and practicing the Golden Rule in your everyday life as well as believe in Karma (believe me, it exists), are important elements in a successful relationship.

There’s no running a relationship. You don’t have to prove dominance over the other person by being mean and doing mean things to them.  In the end you’ll look like a horrible inconsiderate person and will most definitely lose more than just your relationship status of “taken.”

Before you do anything to anyone or say anything to anyone, really think of what your purpose is in saying or doing what you intend.  If it’s not to teach/ inform someone of a mistake or uplift, keep your mouth shut or don’t do anything.  This is a lesson to take everywhere with you.  Whether or not someone returns the favor is not the issue.  Continue to do you and lookout for yourself; you are not in control of anyone else’s.


Written by Kiki Lightbourn, Guest Blogger for Code Red Flag

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