Give, Give, Give…What About Receiving?

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Are you someone who feels like you are so quick to give and help others, but their is a lack of that when you need or desire it most? If you’re like me, you are tired of people taking your kindness for weakness. You give your all or most of yourself to someone, only to be left with little to nothing in the end.

I will recall a recent situation I experienced where I felt like a total joke in the end. There was this young lady who I took a liking to, but respected her relationship that she had. She claimed that she only wanted me as a friend, but there was mixed signals in there. She was constantly going through bouts with her boyfriend and always calling me saying: ” It’s official, I’m done.”

Long story short, I have always been there for this person and have not yet experienced any of that which I gave to them. I helped her out with things not expecting things in return but happiness for her, but there is a line you must draw. You can’t give your all to everyone, don’t become a door mat and allow people to wall over you because that’s all they will see you as, a warm and comfortable door mat.

Only give your all to people whom are truly deserving of it and willing to reciprocate. You will only wear yourself out and face disappointments by being the one to “save the day”. Don’t forget to say to yourself:

I’m luxury, what about you?


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