Break Up Without Being Broken

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What is a break up? Well, we experience break ups in several different ways. Either we have been hurt, or hurt the other, break up friendly or in a huge fight. All ends up the same. A break up is the most painful thing next to the death of someone close to you.

Love is a powerful tool in our lives that gives us hope, makes us happy, inspires us and brings us forward in all kind of ways. Love is like flying…but when we attach those feelings to another person and it ends in a break up we feel like we are getting one of our wings cut off and plummeting towards the cold hard ground.

But why do we feel that way? Why does the soul suffer from so much pain? Why does this pain control our being and change our personality as well as our view of life? It’s because along with love comes trust, and we lost that trust and love. We lost it as we fell. We lose strength and feel helpless without that piece of trust that we believe we lost and we start to lose hope and altitude.

But why do we do that? Why do we forget to trust? Love is not what we lost. We still have it. It’s within us! Each and every one of us has that inner power to trust again because we CAN love! If we can love, we can trust! Let’s remember that every time we feel that piercing ache in our stomach and heart we should remember that we loved and that we can trust! We never lost it; it has always been there and our wings were never broken. We just found ourselves in the midst of a storm but we can still fly.

It’s funny that I’m writing this because I have to remember this each and every day once again!
Written by Stephanie T., Founder of The Champagne Diaries.

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