Saturday, July 26th, 2014


I Hate My Fiancé’s Mother

Dear CRF, “What do you do when your soon to be mother in law is a certified bitch and your man won’t defend you against her disrespect?” CRF RESPONSE Having problems with mother in laws is not a new phenomenon. It happens more often that you’d think. I don’t know the women so I won’t speculate on her reasons for treating you harshly. What I can discuss with you is how to handle her, if you choose, and your fiancé. Let’s begin with him. First, let’s show some empathy becauseRead More

It’s Better To Be Single Than In A Bad Relationship

We’ve all been there—that sick feeling in your stomach and the heavy wave of anxiety that washes over you when you realize your relationship is definitely not working. Maybe you’ve been fighting about everything, nit-picking each other to death, or dealing with more serious issues like infidelity or polar-opposite life goals. But here’s the part that’s often even harder: Deciding whether or not to stay in the comfort of this crappy relationship or go back out into the dating world, which, from the outside, can look like a very scaryRead More