Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


How to Deal With a Strong Woman

Knowing a strong woman and knowing how to deal with a strong woman are two different things. My mother is a strong woman, but I obeyed her I didn’t date her. My sister is a strong woman, but I fought with her I didn’t date her. So many men are attracted to strong women (resourceful, beautiful, productive, thinking…) but find difficulty with them because they don’t know how to deal with them. In these days and times the strong women they knew were their single mothers, so their experiences areRead More

Dear CRF, He Won’t Be My Facebook Friend

Dear CRF, “What am I supposed to think about a guy who says he wants to be exclusive with me but won’t friend me on Facebook? He says it’s too soon. I feel hurt,rejected and like he’s hiding something” CRF RESPONSE Congratulations on your NEW relationship. I suggest that you don’t allow social media to bring its demise. While some people are very open with their social media accounts, others are not as open. There are people who add everyone who sends a request and others that reserve Facebook forRead More

Dear CRF, Should I Tell Him?

Dear CRF, “I love reading all of your posts about your journey and commitment with remaining celibate. I think it’s great and I pray I can be as strong as you are. Question: How soon after meeting a man do you recommend sharing with him your commitment to God and celibacy. In the beginning were you hesitant to share this information with men? I am finding it very hard to believe men will wait for marriage. Even if the woman has made this commitment NOT to pressure him or manipulateRead More